A Queen’s Bed

This time last year we were bursting out of our 900 sq ft ranch, so we took advantage of the market and bought a house double the size.  Of course it needed a little TLC, but nothing we couldn’t do ourselves in just a few short months…  Well, we’ve been almost (a word I’ve begun to lothe) done for the last 6 months and now that Christmas is over you’d never know we have twice the space.  Time for a purge.  I love getting rid of stuff.  So therapeutic!

We did finish the big girls bedroom over break.  First room that is totally done.  Maggie got a box of hardware and loft plans for Christmas so Chris built that this week.  We are now able to house an NFL linebacker if one needs a place to stay for the night.  Chris doesn’t do dainty (except when he’s playing tea party of course).   His hard work was rewarded when Emily told Maggie, “If a queen were to sleep in a bunk bed, this is the one she would choose.”

One response to “A Queen’s Bed

  1. I’ll be over to try the bed. I’m tired of sitting on my throne:)

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