Happy Anniversary

Our 8th anniversary was yesterday.  I thought about writing a poem about my husband.  I had a great opening line:  “I married a man who lived in a van.”    That was it though.  I’m not a good poet.  I am good at lists however.  So here is a non-exhaustive list of 10 Things I like about Chris Spencer.

1. He writes his own birthday songs and gets others to perform them.

2. He is content to be quiet, but  finds his voice when he needs to.

3. He used play nerf basketball all by himself in his room.  He still does.

4. He is Lord’s most frequent means of sanctification in my life.

5. He likes girly British movies for the dialogue.

6. He works really hard and doesn’t complain.

7. He cares about people a lot.

8. He is a great dad.

9. He has solved a rubix cube while under water.

10. He loves Jesus.

What do you think?

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