Race Weekend

Life has been much too busy for my liking the last few weeks, hence no updates.   Not even 20 minutes for a blog entry.  But tonight, kids are in bed, Chris is out with the guys for a much needed break, and I’m in my pjs with a diet coke (caffeine free at this time of night).  Ahhh…

The feeling is very short lived however.  Tomorrow I’ll be hitting the road to Grand Rapids at 5:45am to run 3ish miles in 30 degree weather in the rain.  If you want to know the depth of my selfish heart, I will confess to you that I have prayed for a tornado.  If I don’t get that at least I’ll get a tee-shirt.

What else have we been up to?  Spring soccer has been great this year.  I rate the seasons based on the weather and it has been a beautiful spring.  Emily is much more interested in the game than the dandelions this year.  Maggie’s goal is to remain on the field when it is her turn.  She tends to get bored and wander off to talk to anyone who will listen.  U6 is the best age to watch.  I’ll post pictures when I remember to bring my camera to a game.

Bethany is coming along with her physical therapy.  She has torticollis, which basically just means that she’s not just tilting her head because she is so curious but because her neck muscles are too short on one side.   I think she actually enjoys the time.  It’s new toys and one on one time with a great therapist.   I’m glad the therapist is enjoyable to talk to because it’s probably going to be a few more months.

Twins are busy as usual, talking a bit more.  Lucy is happy as long as she hasn’t fallen off anything and Kate is happy as long as she is getting her own way.  They really do make our family laugh pretty constantly. 

Alright, must go to bed and face the impending doom of tomorrow morning.  Hope your weekend is more enjoyable than mine is about to be!

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