The Gospel Over Mac-n-cheese

My brain has been a bit flabby lately and like the rest of me in need of some exercise.  I finally pulled a book off my shelf that I’ve been wanting to read for some time called “Covenant Theology” by Peter Golding.  It’s a little like a couch potato trying to run a marathon cold-turkey, but I’m feeling the endorphins, for now anyway. 

At the beginning of the book Golding was making the case that the current depth of our theological awareness is lamentable compared to that of the general population a century and half ago.  He illustrates his point with a short story of Charles Spurgeon at age 15 having his first lessons in theology with an old lady who was the cook of the school he attended.  Spurgeon says about her: ‘Many a time we have gone over the Covenant of Grace together… and I do believe that I learned more from her than I should have from any six doctors of divinity of the sort we have nowadays.”

Golding made his point.  But I took away another point for myself.  As a homeschooling domestic, I am sometimes tempted to wonder if I will get to glorify God in any other ways besides making and cleaning up meals, changing diapers, and doing laundry.  Please hear me say that I am tempted to sin by despising the days of small things.  These actions do bring him glory and he will be pleased with the faithful heart who has served him humbly in these ways.  But, I am also encouraged to remember that my kids need my growth in holiness.  They need me to grow in knowledge and wisdom by fearing the Lord alone.  They need macaroni-and-cheese, but while we make it, they need me to talk to them about the robust truths of the gospel that they see pouring out of my own life.

One response to “The Gospel Over Mac-n-cheese

  1. Being around “important” people doing “important” things in DC has only convinced me of how ordinary most days are for almost everyone. Even the special things become routine and ordinary – fast. Surely it takes a lot more strength and grace to do the small, unseen things with excellence rather than performing well when everyone is watching. I wish I could hang out with you guys every day and eat mac ‘n cheese : )

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