Summer According to Emily and Maggie

Usually the marks of a good babysitter are people who pay attention to your kids, keep your house clean, get everyone to bed at decent time, etc…  How about a babysitter who even gets your kids to finish your blog posts?  2-8 is the family upddate according to Emily and Maggie.

At my dad’s request, it is time for a Spencer family update.  It’s been a busy summer, so this is the abridged version:

1. We’ve moved to an unfinished fixer-upper.

2. We had a baby BOY Jack!!!!

3. We went to Hoffmaster

4. We started Bible Study

5.  We went to Cran Hill

6. We got bored

7. We played flashlight robot tag

8. We had a dance recital

(Finished by your loving daughters, with Steph’s help)

What do you think?

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