The Fear Monger (a.k.a. the GOP)

We have not completely made up our minds yet about which way to cast our vote for this election.  The issues are complicated.  But one thing is certain, we will not be motivated by fear and pragmatism (i.e. defining truth by what ‘works’).  God has not given us a spirit of fear (1 Tim 1).  Wisdom cries for us to search the Scriptures before we act, but wisdom does not tell us to shrink back from suffering if we are called to it by the Word.  However you vote, do not be a slave to fear.

“If Romney loses to Obama it will be the GOP’s fault, not the voters. If the Republicans really wanted the support of conservatives, they would nominate a candidate they would feel comfortable voting for rather than the likes of Dole, McCain and Romney.” -5 pt. Salt commenter on the blog Romney and Obama Are Not Goode

*Note after hearing from my editor (aka Chris:) :  Obama is not on the Spencer ballot.

What do you think?

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