The Best Story

The Lord has made a wonderfully bizarre world full of fodder for great stories, both true and invented.  We love stories at our house.  We read them, tell them, act them out, and make them up.  To find out an amazing story is true is  far better than finding out that one you were told was true was indeed made up (in fact some might even call that a “lie”).   I know a lot of Christians who grew up with the works-based Santa without the gospel being compromised in their homes.  The Santa fable is a mole-hill.  But, the incarnation is a mountain; and might I just suggest asking yourself not if Santa is permissible, but is he really the best Christians can offer?

“The Christmas Story is real, and it’s not been called the Greatest Story On Earth for nothing. The principle is not that we can’t tell our kids wonderful stories. We can even tell them the Santa story or the Father Christmas story if we like, as long as they know what’s real and what’s not real. We should never leave them confused about when we are making up stories and when we are telling them the gospel truth. Gospel stories are full of wonder, and we never have to break the news to our kids that they aren’t true.” -Nancy Wilson

What do you think?

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