Thanksgiving Poems

Say Thank You to the Lord
By Emily Spencer (age 8, apparently going on 80)
We are living on Thanksgiving. 
Say Thank you to the Lord.
It is impossible to be bored tonight.
We are all singing in the fire’s light. 
It is cold out there, but warm in here,
I’m having a good time. 
We feast on turkey to our delight. 
And that’s just some of the reasons
I love Thanksgiving night.
Thanksgiving to the Lord
by Maggie Spencer (age 7)

 On Thanksgiving I am thankful for,

Fun games, crafts, and more.

There’s turkey and stuffing and ice cream too;

Also pie which is for me and for you.

We don’t want to forget, our Thanksgiving story,

Is always for the Lord’s glory.

What do you think?

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