A Christmas Story

emFor a writing assignment this week, I asked Emily to write a story or poem that describes what Christmas is about.  This story made my heart happy.  She is such a blessing of a child.

The Strangers
by Emily Spencer

Once upon a time, there was a family called the Trigger family.  They had 10 kids.  The 5 girl’s names were: Maria, Halley, Violet, Amy, and Mousa.  The 5 boy’s names were: Robert, Jonathan, Peter, Fred, and Benny.  It was Christmas Eve.  They were all very excited to open presents.  But that was not the only thing they were excited about.  The thing that they were looking forward to most was going to church.

They were all upstairs getting ready to go when there was a knock at the door.  Mrs. Trigger opened the door, “Oh! Hello.  Would you like to come in?”

The strangers at the door nodded.  There was a man and a little girl.  They  both looked very cold.  Mr. Trigger came downstairs to help Mrs. Trigger get them settled in the living room by the warm fire.

“Why are there people here?” Amy asked Mr. Trigger.

“I’m not sure,” Mr. Trigger said.  “But I think they had no place to stay.”

“That sounds awful,” said Maria.

“Will they go to church with us?” asked Peter.

“I hope so,” said Mr. Trigger.

“So do I!” said Mrs. Trigger, walking into the room.

“Are they even Christians?” asked Robert.

“I don’t know,” exclaimed Mrs. Trigger “But we can tell them about God and how he came down to earth as a little baby.”

“Us?” said all the children.

“Yes, us,” said Mr. Trigger.

“Oooo!” cried Mousa, “I can’t wait.”

So they all went downstairs and asked the strangers if they wanted to go to church.

“Church?” said the little girl whose name was Lucy, “What is church?”

“You don’t know what church is?” cried Fred in amazement.

The strangers looked puzzled.  “Church is a place that we worship God, the one who God made us.  He made the whole world.  He even made you!” Maria said.

“Yes,” said Mrs. Trigger, “and today is a very special day.  It is when God sent his only son, named Jesus, down to earth.  Jesus died on the cross for our sins.”

“Wow!” said the little girl and the man.

“And if you repent and believe,” exclaimed Robert, “you can go to heaven. But if you don’t you go to hell.”

Then all of the sudden, God opened the little girl’s and the man’s eyes.  They started repenting and believing.  They went to church with Triggers and lived with the Triggers.  They learned more and more about God.  That Christmas was the best anyone could have.

The End

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