In the Days of Queen Mom


When you think of people who may struggle with a “god-complex” generally star athletes, Hollywood elites, dictators, or Fortune 500 CEO’s come to mind.   Stay-at-home moms, housewives, domestic engineers (yep I’ve actually been called that) are often met with a more patronizing public opinion.  “Oh, that is real work.  Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not.”   OK, I won’t.

Some people are sincere; and it is kind.  It is encouraging to be reminded by another adult that your work is valuable, especially being home day after day with little narcissists who’ve never considered that your sole joy in life might be a bit bigger than granting their every wish.   It is kind; but not always helpful for me.  My sin does not usually bend toward undervaluing myself.  I may have at times what you’d call a “god-complex.”  Now, I’m convinced enough of my own depravity to admit that I may be alone, but I suspect not.

Think about it.. . A mom brings life into the world, protects and nourishes it, writes the law of the home, and executes justice.  (Really a dad/husband is ultimately responsible for much of this, but we’re talking about a sin tendency here, domination is part of the package.)  Instead of acting as regent, she can quickly fancy herself a sovereign in her domain.  Now here’s the twist, it is for this reason that I’ve come to understand that rest is an essential part of the work of motherhood.

The real Creator never sleeps (Psalm 121).  This creature must sleep every night and often a little everyday.  The true King never grows weary or impatient with his subjects’ needs.  I am fed up most days by 1pm.  The Father in heaven disciplines those he loves. I love myself, so I don’t discipline anyone if it’s inconvenient to get off the couch.  Weariness is a great weapon against my pride.  I am humbled and reminded that I am no creator, but a blessed creature, fully dependent on the strength of the Lord God.  I must rest; but I only lie down and sleep in peace because He alone makes me dwell in safety (Psalm 4:8).

What do you think?

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