Finish the Refrain

little peopleI have heard it said, as I’m sure have you, “Little people, little problems. Big people big problems.” And it’s true.  A temper tantrum from a 1 year-old is almost laughable at times, a temper tantrum from a 6 year-old is out of line, and a temper tantrum from a 32 year-old is hideous.  The consequences of sin grow along with us too.  Defiance from my toddler is a quick spank, a gospel sentence or two, then repeat.  But as the kids get older, the consequences take more thought and the sentences turn into long, late conversations.

I’ve been a little rocked by this latest return to the baby phase, or so I thought.  My mom pointed out to me that it might not be so much a new baby, but that I’m starting to feel the span of my kid’s ages.  I’m stretching from newborn into new adolescent territory.  I’m starting to experience the “bigger people, bigger problems.”  BUT, I’m finding that that common refrain is not finished.  It needs to end, “Big problems, bigger grace.”

It’s pretty cute, to hear Beppie tell me, “I just hate my sin, mom.”  She’s trying it on,  learning what it means, and it is good fruit.  But “cute” is not how I describe my older girls anymore.  I see them laying aside fear to plumb their dark hearts a little more and coming back out confessing their sin, repenting, and trusting Jesus.  It’s more sobering, but more glorious.  And that is what we want for our children.  We want them to get big, even if it means bigger problems, because we want the big grace and big glory that is due to our big God.

What do you think?

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