Contained Imaginations

Synonymous phrase for a long road trip with 9 people in one car, 5 of whom are 5 and under: Try , death by whining, agoraphobia, I feel like i’m taking crazy pills…
No matter. In as much as it is up to me and the dollar store we’re going to succeed this year. I’ve come up with these little self-contained imaginary lands to pull out, along with pipe cleaners, new dolls, bingo, and wall decals to play with on the car windows. Any other ideas?







One response to “Contained Imaginations

  1. Your boxes are wonderful! I always relied on wrapped presents…at least 2 per kid for them to open when the trip was starting to lose it’s charm. Nothing fancy inside, but the unwrapping and anticipation seemed to extend the usefulness. Enjoy your adventure!

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