Little Van Tils

pile-upWho has time to blog with all these cuties to raise?  I sure haven’t lately.  But, I bet the laundry can wait another day (it has heartily survived several already) to send out a little encouragement today.

Born out of my own waning motivation to think hard lately, I fought back by picking up Van Til’s pamphlet, “Why I Believe in God.”  It got the blood flowing again.  I highly recommend the read. It’s potent enough to stimulate brain activity and short enough for a busy mom.   The pamphlet is a response to Bertrand Russell’s “Why I Am Not a Christian,” in which Van Til does not set out to show that Christianity is merely reasonable or more probable, but boldly asserts, “unless you believe in God you can logically believe in nothing else.”   It’s important stuff to think about- worship and obedience provoking stuff.

And an application I found along the way was a reminder not to waste my time with my kids.  As parents we’re having to constantly go between our wide angle lens and our zoom, aren’t we? And sometimes we get caught up in the details. Especially with school, I have settled into a rut of, “finish your math problems, read your science book, check, check, check, check,” missing opportunities  to preach the grandeur of our Creator.  As we fly through our checklists week by week, I’m reminded that time is short and a little dull. But when I look up to behold our God, I’m reminded that our time is but a vapor, I have no time for twaddle, and that we are privileged to have a lasting mission in a grand adventure.  I want more than top ACT scores and college acceptance letters. I want little Van Tils.

“In it [his Christian school]  I learned that my being saved from sin and my belonging to God made a difference for all that I knew or did. I saw the power of God in nature and His providence in the course of history. That gave the proper setting for my salvation, which I had in Christ. In short, the whole wide world that gradually opened up for me through my schooling was regarded as operating in its every aspect under the direction of the all-powerful and all-wise God whose child I was through Christ. I was to learn to think God’s thoughts after him in every field of endeavor.”
-Van Til from Why I Believe in God

What do you think?

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