Christ Colored Glasses


Once upon a time, I had an idea to start a blog for my kids. It was to be a place for them to practice writing and worldview discernment and have fun. It totally bombed. But, it was not for naught.

Even though my hygienist recently missed my grey streak and thought I was a college student (may she be blessed forever), I actually have a middle-schooler. She has some worldview homework due for co-op and tada! the blog came in handy after all. I had already written an explanation for students. It’s off the beaten path on this blog, but we’ll give it a go- a post for kids :

What are Christ Colored Glasses?

A worldview is just like what it sounds: a person’s view of the world.  Every person has one and you are no exception.  We all believe that certain things exist or don’t exist (reality), that certain things are right or wrong (morality), and that certain things are more important than other things (values).

Everything we say or do or write are clues to our hearts, our beliefs.  All people communicate what they believe to be true; but whether or not it is depends on reality.   We will only be telling the truth if what we speak aligns with what is real.   If we observe this world and come to conclusions other than what is real, we are promoting falsehood.

Imagine a room full of  kids all wearing different colored glasses, some with blue lenses, some green, some pink, some clear.   When asked the color of the sky, who will be correct? That’s right, the kids with the clear glasses and the blue glasses.  The reality is that the sky is blue and so the answers that align with that reality are true.  The kids who answered green or pink or some mixed shade will believe they are telling the truth, but their answers are not based on reality so they are false.

Now imagine the same group of kids being asked the color of grass.  Who will be correct this time?  That’s right, the kids with the clear glasses and the green glasses.  Grass is green, so to answer green is true and to answer any other color is false.

Now one last time, imagine the kids being asked the color of a flamingo.  Who’s correct? You’re so smart.  The kids with the clear glasses and pink glasses.  Flamingos are pink, so to answer anything other than pink is false to answer pink is true.

You’ve probably noticed, or more likely you’ve figured from the beginning because like a good writer you’re very observant, that the kids with the clear glasses were always correct. Their view of reality was unshaded.   But we are all born looking through the shades of sin.

Only when Jesus, by his blood, removes those shades are our minds are renewed, our actions made holy, and our hearts sanctified.   “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God,” Jesus tells us in the sermon on the mount.   Every time we write, we want to tell the truth, and every time we read we want to discern the truth from lies.  To know what is true, we need to see what is real.  God is ultimate reality.   If we will see Him, we must have the purity of Christ.   Our worldview then is only as true as we see it through Christ colored glasses.

What do you think?

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