If Walls Could Talk

Hello!  Welcome to our blog.  What makes us so special that we should add to the ever-expanding blogosphere?  Nothing really.  But I’ve decided to do it anyway for a couple of reasons:

First, I started blogging when we were  pregnant with our twins.  The situation was complicated and it was an easy way to update people all at once.   A benefit we did not initially forsee was that it has also served as a sort of journal to look back on to remind us of God’s faithfulness to our family.  So perhaps this will be just that.

Second, I run into moms frequently who feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and defeated.  Many feel like everyone else knows just what to do and that they always do it well.  I would like to be an encouragement to you if you feel that way.  Not in an “I’m ok, you’re ok” sort of way, but more in an “I’m not ok either, but here is the gospel again” sort of way.

If our walls could talk they would probably tell you to wear earplugs.  Then they would probably tell you that they house 7 sinners who are impatient, selfish, proud, messy, and stubborn.  And then they would tell you that there is a Great Saviour who keeps drawing them back to himself faithfully and steadily.   This blog will be our “talking wall.”  You are always welcome to listen in (and feel free to comment)!

3 responses to “If Walls Could Talk

  1. Well done! You are a good Writer.

  2. Loved your last blog and being able to see how the Lord was working in and through your lives during such a difficult season – and His faithfulness in bringing all (six!) of you through it. I’ll be checking all the time! Love you guys!

  3. yeah! glad you’re back! i’ve missed your blogging!

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