Insomnia, Mario Kart, and TMJ

I’ve been having a lot of weird pain in my face lately and nasty headaches, sort of “like a cramp in my jaw,” I kept telling Chris.   No need to pay to go to the doctor when the ever so reliable internet is at my fingers:)   It appears to be a classic case of TMJ.   It’s not like I haven’t had opportunities to clench my jaw over the last few years, so the thing I couldn’t figure out was why it would happen so suddenly.  

Until… somewhere on Rainbow Road I realized I hadn’t blinked for several minutes and I was clenching my jaw like I a pioneer woman about to have her leg amputated without anesthesia.    Chris and I started playing Mario Kart again.  Just a little at first, with the big girls.  Then I remembered how helpful it was when Emily was a baby to get through a “cry it out” stage.    

Don’t assume I’m talking about the 4 month old.  She sleeps soundly most nights.  I’m talking about the 1.5 year olds who slept peacefully in their beds for a solid year and have now decided to protest.   After  trying everything we knew how to do, we realized this was a twin quirk.  Lucy will scream at her sleeping sister until she wakes up.   Once this desired result is achieved she stops screaming and immediately bursts into giggles and a foreign language.  Kate will then look at her like “Oh it’s just you” and go right back to her pillow.  The offense is worse than the first and the screaming starts all over again.  We’ve heard it go the other way around too, with Kate as the waker-upper and Lucy the sleeper.  So we’ve decided to take the encouragement of a friend who said “It can’t last forever right,”   and play Mario Kart while they learn to work out their issues.  I’m not sure you’ll read that tip in the books, but it works for us:)

What do you think?

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