Valentine’s Day Dinner

We’ve made it back from our traditional Valentine’s day dinner relativley unscathed.  A few years ago, Chris and I decided to make Valentine’s day a family holiday.  We let the girls dress up and take them out to  a nice restaurant for dinner.  It was VERY tempting to bribe them out of it this year.  Going out to dinner with 2- 18mo olds and a 6 mo old is comparable to a root canal.   We did strike a compromise. This year was Noodles n’ Co. vs last year at Bravo (we needed the ability for a quick get-away), but everyone was very happy about it.  All the girls behaved, the food was yummy, and the strangers were kind.  We can’t help being a bit conspicuous when we are all out in public together; so we generally field some interesting remarks .  Tonight we were blessed to be met with encouraging comments like “Oh how great!”  and “You go girl!”   On the way home Chris and the big girls ran into the store to get some things they needed for a heart-shaped cake they are going to bake tomorrow.  Emily was so adamant that they bought nothing else, that I’m almost sure something else is in the works.  We’ll see…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

One response to “Valentine’s Day Dinner

  1. I love to read your posts. Some of them sound like a day out of my life. We also celebrate Valentines day as a family with a dinner/lunch out. Thank you for sharing.

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