Valentine’s Day and Other News

Valentine's Cake

Sure enough, there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the table Sunday morning.  In the hurry to get ready for church I had quite forgotten about it.  But when I started down the stairs,  I heard Emily scream,  “Maggie! She’s coming!”   It sounded more like she was announcing a tornado.  The flowers were beautiful, but I have to say, the squealing giggles from my giving kids were far better.   It really is more blessed to give than receive.

After church, Chris baked and decorated a cake with them.  We’ve been studying up on courtship, biblical dating, Godly formation of families, whatever you want to call it.  Boys, this daddy is setting the bar high.  I had nothing to do with that lovely cake, except of course to eat it.

In other news this week:

I’ve signed up to run a 10k race.  I will probably not write much about this since we are to “do all things without complaining or disputing.”  But if I put it out here, I’m that much more accountable to train.  First step: Plug in the treadmill.

Lucy has learned how to pull her sisters’ hair and yell ‘no’ when she doesn’t get her way.

Emily and Maggie had a long lesson on graphing and fractions with their Dad.  They measured the snowfall hourly last week, then plotted points, and predicted trends.  I was impressed.  I’ve been teaching them that when you start to write a different number, you have to leave a space.

2 responses to “Valentine’s Day and Other News

  1. Graphing with dad vs. spacing when writing numbers… they have to know your skill to do his!

    I do love your blog, Danielle!

  2. Thanks Christy! You’re one of my inspirations:)

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