Quotable Day

These are a few of my quotes from the day.  It’s been a doozy.

“Happy Birthday Lovey”

“Yeah, I agree.  Her head is much straighter”

“Oooh.  The carpet is sooo nice! I could run up and down the stairs all day.  I guess I already do that.”

“Loves! Help! I can’t keep everyone safe!”

“NO NO!” (x 78)

“Yep I think she’s ready for the 1/8th [violin] the 1/10th is getting too small.”

“I think we hit something!  We can’t move.”

“Can you call AAA, the transmission just fell out of the van.”

“Thank you” (x 25)

“What was that? [crash from the top of the stairs] Oh no! the light bulbs.”

“They’re ribs.  It’s pork, from a pig.”  Emily: “mmm, that chicken was good afterall mom.” 

“Daddy, you have to go through the puppet spanking machine.”

“Please do not mop the baby!”

“How many frogs did you rescue from the pit?”

And thankfully, by grace alone I could say, “The Lord loves us, doesn’t He!”

2 responses to “Quotable Day

  1. Thanks! some of those made me laugh out loud. And I think I hear couple of them at my house today.

  2. Where can I get copyright free content to write blog on the net?

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