Family Fun

As expected the Evans family vacation was rich for blog material.   Never a dull moment. 

Highlights include: 

My sister’s complete abandonment of self-awareness as she attempted to give an interpretive dance of our personalities (almost didn’t make it to the bathroom for that one). 

My Dad initiated a  devotional time each morning from all the guys.  What a blessing it was to hear God’s word from these guys! 

Campfire hymn singing with my brother-in-law. He should probably be rich and famous but instead is humble enough to sing along with a bunch of key-changing monotones.  

My ‘little’ brother (think linebacker) playing with all the little kids.  So cute!

My mom attempting to do a cart-wheel after rolling down the hill with all the kids.  And even more of a blessing was watching her joy at having all her kids under one roof. 

On top of all that, there was a special day for Emily when she lost her first 2 teeth.  She has been waiting very patiently for her bottom teeth to fall out for the last few months.  Her adult teeth were even growing in behind, and it looked like we were going to need a trip to the dentist.  But instead she came running into the cabin, squealing with joy, blood running down her face, “I lost my tooth!”  When I asked her how it happened she just smiled (still bloody) and said proudly, “Daddy hit me in the face with a football!”  That was the first tooth. 

Now the second tooth was barely hanging on which presented a moment of redemption for my dad.  When I was Emily’s age,  I had a loose tooth that was very close to coming out, but I wouldn’t let anyone pull it.  My dad, finally fed up with the whining, told me he was just going to look.  When I got close enough to him, I found myself in a head-lock (he was a college wrestler) and toothless within a few seconds.  His reputation followed him, and he was never allowed near anyone’s loose teeth again.   Well, 23 years later, Emily was willing to give him a second chance and out came the second tooth (minus the headlock of course).

One response to “Family Fun

  1. Can we join your family please? What great memories your making.

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