A Snake is a Snake is a Snake

The snake in the basement has been captured and released outside where it belongs.  I’m not usually one to give away the ending, but when snakes are involved there is no reason to add to the drama.

Yesterday, I was in the basement sorting out 9 loads of laundry.  I hate laundry.  I wish we lived in the day when people were just supposed to stay clean so that they didn’t have to wash everything so often or have nearly as many clothes.  Anyway, since I was down there a while, I was considering vacuuming the rugs in the playroom.  I noticed a small squiggly snake and thought to myself for a good 10 seconds, “Where did that come from?  My girls don’t play with toy snakes.”  Suddenly an idea struck my mind that perhaps it wasn’t a toy, that it could be real.  Then my heart started to palpitate and the backs of my legs  quivered as I thought “Well of course it’s real, it’s real, oh my goodness, it’s real!”  I ran up the stairs, flew through the door, stopped and smiled at the girls to ask how their project was coming along, then shut myself in the office to call Chris who would surely know what to do.

After calming me down (not without a lot of giggling),  we decided that I was going to have to go back down there and put a bowl over it until he could come home.  The only thing worse than finding a snake in your basement is not finding one.  So armed with sweatpants, a sweatshirt, socks, shoes, and gloves, I tiptoed down the stairs ready to descend on the snake with all the bravery of William Wallace.  But when I turned the corner it was gone.  This time I flew up the stairs, stuffed a towel under the door, and decided that the laundry had waited this long why not 1 more day.(I didn’t even have to wait that long, thanks to my very brave friend S who switched the load, and in her bare feet no less!  I’m so loved.)

Of course Chris couldn’t find the little beast that night, but he volunteered to switch the laundry until we found it.  And boy am I glad because the last load of laundry was the  hiding spot.  He came slithering out right in Chris’ arms!    Truth be told the thing was about the size of a pencil.  Maggie said “Oh! Look at how cute that little baby snake is!”   I don’t care.  A snake is a snake is a snake.

What do you think?

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