Be Killing Sin or It Will Be Killing You

It is a little known fact that the Spencer girls are slightly partial to rap music, especially Lucy.   Before you stereotype, just think how many of you like country music and live within a mile of a cow, ok?  A more well known fact is that we are also slightly partial to John Piper.  Imagine my excitement when I found out that Piper introduced a Tedashii song called, “Make War.”   Hope you like it.

A few of my favorite lyrics from verse 2 (by Flame):

Do you even have a clue
What happened to you when he died
When that tomb got rolled when he rose in the sky
I think we emphasis sin so much
That it makes us paralyzed
And glorify struggle so much
That it makes us terrified
And deemphasize the fact that we have been sterilized from our own lives and thus
We gotta snap out of it
We aint in no straight-jacket
We free

What do you think?

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