Birth Control?

It seems to me that it is still considered uncouth to talk to strangers about their private marital affairs.   However, there is one exception.  When you cross a person’s threshold of acceptable family size, apparently you also grant permission for anyone to pry into the most intimate parts of your life.  The most common question my family of 7+ fields is, “You know what causes that, don’t you?”  To which my husband has replied “YES!  And it is very enjoyable.”

We also commonly receive wonderful encouragement and sincere questions.  At the top of that list is a genuine curiosity of our stance on birth control.  It is a subject our minds were opened up to a few years ago.  After much deliberation, prayer, and study, we have closed down on a position.  But contrary to what most of us want, it is not cut and dry.  It is qualified and nuanced and dependent on the Lord’s mercy.  My pastor recently brought attention to a post by Doug Wilson that offers a very concise explanation on this delicate topic.  I have no need to reinvent the wheel nor do I have time, so if you’d like to know what we think on the subject, it’s pretty much summed up here:  Eleven Theses on Birth Control

Warning:  Opening this can of worms could significantly change your life.  I’m thankful it changed ours.

What do you think?

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