Spencerville Population Increasing by 1

I’ve never been very romantic when it comes to telling Chris I’m pregnant.   Child number 6 was no exception.  I walked into his office and threw a pee covered stick onto his keyboard.  He just took his headphones off, looked up with a smile, and laughed.  His reaction has been the exact same every time.  I love him. 

Now that my hormones have chilled out a bit and food doesn’t taste like I’ve been sucking on a penny, I’m smiling about it too.  How can I help smiling?  It doesn’t get much more exciting than to be part of the Lord’s work of bringing eternal beings into existence and training them to be His worshippers.  Do I still have those tears of fear?  For sure!  I’m no expert.  But, the Lord is sanctifying me through my children and teaching me to rely on his grace daily.  This is no cliché.  It is how I actually survive and love my life.  The scriptures are true, Godly offspring are a blessing.

The next big question: 6 girls? or a boy with 5 older sisters?  We’ll find out in 8 weeks.  I did have an ultrasound today.  Baby looks happy and healthy.   And one more funny bit of information,  he or she is due August 15th.  This may not seem too funny until you realize that Kate and Lucy’s birthday is August 14th and Bethany’s is August 16th.  Apparently mid-November is an exciting time of year for the Spencers.

Note: Since I walked out of the doctor’s office without my ultrasound pictures today, the baby at the top is not exactly ours.   But this googled one looked a lot like it 🙂

4 responses to “Spencerville Population Increasing by 1

  1. Congratulations! We’re excited for you!

  2. Oh my goodness, I didn’t know! How exciting!! Congratulations lady.

  3. Congratulation! I hope there is a #6 in our future too someday!

  4. wonderful post 🙂

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