Set Free from the Power of Vacation

 Earlier this month our family was able to go on a fabulous vacation to Hilton Head Island.  My grand-parents graciously let us stay in their house there, a priceless blessing for our family.  Chris and I both agreed that it may have been the best vacation we have ever taken.  What made it so great?  The company was wonderful.  My parents were there and we were able to visit with my uncle’s family who lives there.  The weather was good.  We had bike rides, pony rides, beautiful walks, a heated pool, the beach, great food, happy kids, even a date.  But we’ve done all those things before and still not felt the contentedness we felt coming home this time. 

After talking it over, we decided that this vacation was so great, because we finally had a glimpse that we didn’t deserve it.  Our life, by necessity, has been teaching us to work harder and harder.  The gospel has been teaching us that work is good and that our rest lies in Christ alone.  Instead of trying to find rest by making our life look as close to a vacation as possible, we have been set free to work from a spirit at rest in the Lord.  By resting in what is the only true eternal rest, vacation was freed from trying to carry an eternal load and we were free to be thankful for every part of it.  The Lord is so gracious!

One response to “Set Free from the Power of Vacation

  1. Your post are always inspiring. thank you.

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