Stinkin’ Funny

I find nude art and crass humor distasteful and lazy.  The same is true for mom blogs that deal primarily with bodily excrement.  Yesterday afternoon I was humbled. I am reduced to sharing, yes, a poop story. 

The twins have stopped napping, but as other homeschooling families can atest to, rest time is an essential for all ages.  Yesterday for rest time, they were in their room with their little people farm, playing very well and quietly for an exceptionally long time.  Our friend/babysitter offered to go check on them.  She promptly returned downstairs to say, “I don’t want to go in there.”  Now this is a seasoned babysitter.  I can’t imagine there is much left to shock her, so this reaction struck a little fear into my heart. 

I headed upstairs, opened the door, my jaw dropped, and I stepped back out to collect myself.  There were two naked bottoms and poop everywhere.  Carpet, floor, blankets…  But the best part, the part where the Lord saw fit to offer me some comic relief, was the farm.  Apparently the farm had been the inspiration for the art.  Squished into the bulk of the “manure” were the little farm animals.  The cow was in so deep he had to be put down.  We trashed the rug as well, cleaned up the rest, and have not stopped laughing about it since.

2 responses to “Stinkin’ Funny

  1. Danielle-
    This post was so funny. Reminded me of a funny experience with Ben last summer:
    Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. I find this post distasteful, lazy and to funny =) Thank you for sharing it.

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