Grab for Power

You know those times when you are exercising and eating healthy, all of a sudden, you notice that your pants are too loose or you have more energy?  Well, I’m not experiencing one of those times.  But, I am encouraged to see some progress managing my home, compliments of some advice my dad gave me many years ago.

My dad is a smart man.  Occasionally however, he has a way with words that few people understand.  There was a time (it’s not necessary to know how much time has elapsed) when I was captain of my basketball team.  After a frustrating loss, my dad, trying to find motivating language  to get me to take control of the team, blurted out, “You have what it takes to be a good leader, but you need to grab for power!”  At this, my teenage eyes widened and my mom’s jaw dropped.  We started laughing and haven’t really stopped.

In the last few months, the Lord has given us a new baby, a new house, and a new job.  After this earthquake of blessings, we were a bit unstable.  Alright a lot unstable.  Think kids fighting, baby crying, upset tummies from unauthorized candy, and a 2-year-old playing in a cup of latex paint with a spoon.  Getting the picture?  The real trouble was I was right there with them, yelling, and crying, and soothing myself with  too much candy when it was finally over.  Poor me! 

Over several weeks, in many ways, the Lord brought home to me my sin and my charge.  One of my dad’s more intentional phrases, “Leadership leads whether it wants to or not,” was manifest in the Spencer structure.   Intentionally or not, I was leading my kids to chaos.  I am not a victim.  I am responsible to manage my home, my kids, and my heart. 

My dad was right.  (There it is in print, Dad.  You can read it as many times as you like.)  I must “grab for power” after all.  Where the Lord has put me in authority, I must exercise it.  It is not only a privilege but a great and loving responsibility.  Help me King Jesus!

4 responses to “Grab for Power

  1. Your words and your dads are always inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Great reminders, Danielle.

  3. D – You. Are. Wonderful. Love you my wise and humble, friend!
    (p.s. I have eaten an obscene amount of candy in the past three days. obscene.)

  4. This is awesome and so very true. We all at one time or another come to this realization, although it is not an easy one to learn or maintain from time to time. I learned this working with special needs kids. Although most of them are unable to communicate verbally, if I am out of sorts, sad, depressed, angry etc.. they still “sense” my mood and react accordingly.. It is amazing the job, or should I say several jobs, you do. I could never do what you do and I am just in awe every time I see you with your children. Both you and Chris have such patience and motherhood comes seems to come so natural to you. Me on the other hand..not so much. I have one and am going Uncle Danny is a very wise man,(brownie ) and his advice is spot on.. Also any candy you would like to get rid of you can donate to the Hanna household…lol You are an awesome mom and very fortunate to have such great examples as your parents…

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