Resources I’m “Psyched Out of My Mind About”

 “I’ve got one  idea that I’m especially psyched out of my mind about.  Ya’ know, it’s one of those ideas where you’re just like, YES!” 

Another hint that Christmas is nearing: Elf quotes are popping into my head.  I feel a little like Miles though about 2 resources I’ve used the last few days.  If I don’t share them I might explode:

1. A children’s book, “God’s Names” by Sally Michael.   I picked it up to structure our morning Bible time a little more.  This one is meat for kids.  It is well written and engaging for children.  She understands how to use repetition in a way that is useful for retention, not patronizing to my 6 and 7-year-olds.  At the end of each name, there are a few questions to spark discussion and an activity.  The questions are thought provoking and the activities are simple, creative, and profitable.  For instance, we just leared about the name El Shaddai, which means God Almighty.  She suggests that the kids ask a person who has been a Christian for many years to tell them about some of the mighty acts of God they have seen, to ask if they had to wait long like Abraham and Sarah, and for a verse that helped them trust God.  We decided to turn it into a letter writing assignment.  Emily chose to write to her Nana and Maggie chose my long time friend Ammani (get ready for your letter ladies:).  Now that is the stuff my tears are made of! Priceless. 

2.  A message,  “Let the Little Children Come” by Sinclair Ferguson.  This message is the opening to a parenting conference put on by Ferguson’s church in 2008.  If you have never listened to Sinclair, you’re missing out.  His preaching is like a rich chocolate dessert that you never get sick of and is actually very healthy for you (and the Scottish accent doesn’t hurt).  This message in particular was a deep refresher to my parenting recently.

Thanks for letting me get those out.  I’m no ghost writer.  You can have my ideas for free.  Although if someone wanted to warm my car to “71 degrees exactly” before I get in it this winter, I’d let you.

3 responses to “Resources I’m “Psyched Out of My Mind About”

  1. We love Elf, too! And I’ll have to check out those two books – thanks for getting those out. (By the way, this post and your last one have great ending lines!)

  2. I mean check out the one book and listen to the other one… man, I wish WordPress had “Preview” option for their comments!

  3. I AM SO EXCITED. I will be checking my mail daily for the letter! I cannot wait to write back : )

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