Elephants Might Not Forget, But Pregnant Women Do

https://i0.wp.com/blogs.technet.com/cfs-filesystemfile.ashx/__key/communityserver-blogs-components-weblogfiles/00-00-00-81-55-Aug2011/3250.Elephant_5F00_8_5F00_2_5F00_11.jpg“…research has shown that pregnant women actually do just as well in cognitive tests as women who aren’t pregnant… Interestingly, in a different study, pregnant women rated themselves as having performed worse than they would have before pregnancy, even though they tested just as well as a group that wasn’t pregnant. So if you think you’re flakier than usual while you’re pregnant, it may just be your perception.” – from an article on BabyCenter.com

I suppose I might be able to get a decent score on the ACT (MIGHT); but I don’t know how else to define paying at the drive-thru window then driving away without stopping to pick up the food, other than “flakier than usual.”   Or how about the 10 times a day that I walk into a room for a purpose, then spin around wondering why I just huffed and puffed up the stairs.  I find kitchen utensils in the bathroom (that one may be the kids) and open diet coke cans in closets.  Research might not be able to explain why I can’t remember what I was going to write about today, but I’ll claim pregnancy brain anyway 🙂

2 responses to “Elephants Might Not Forget, But Pregnant Women Do

  1. Danielle, I have twice driven away at McDonald’s after paying for my coffee. I wouldn’t go back because I was too embarrassed. That is an awful feeling. Might just be an Evans trait and not pregnancy at all!!! Love you, Aunt Claudia

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